Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Equity Investing

Over the last few months, our team at Investomax have been working hard to deliver breaking news and opinion.  We have analyzed major economies and have identified potential opportunities to earn risk reward returns.  Our approach is global macro, we don’t limit ourselves to North America.  Therefore, we look for profitable investments in all countries.  Once we have identified potential targets we use a Top- Down approach to find key players and potential opportunities within each specific industry. 

From an equity standpoint we strongly recommend you consider the following stocks in your portfolio

3D Printing

3D Printing will change everything from medical implants to how companies manufacture goods. 
Here is how it works


3D Systems Corp.  (DDD. NYSE)  
This company has personalized the 3D-printing process. What was once used in large scale prototype manufacturing is now available for home users.  In future years we expect to see this technology in the design of organs such as kidneys. Patient receives 3D printed bladder (starts at 10minutes)
Chart for3D Systems Corp. (DDD)

Gold Stocks

With Gold reaching all time highs, gold companies will start production of new mines and engages in M&A.
Senior Gold Companies to consider are
BarrickGold (ABX:TO) and GoldCorp (G.TO)
Potential takeovers to consider are
Nova Gold Resource(NG.NYSE)
Cramer jumped on the bandwagon see clip.

Centamin plc. (CEE.TO)  and St. Andrew Goldfields (SAS.TO)  have very attractive deposits with a relative small market cap.

Canadian US Housing play.

Recent figures have shown that Canadian Housing specifically in the GTA have declined.  August sales are down 64% from last year.  Vancouver is showing greater signs and we expect this trend to continue.  On the flip side, US housing starts have increased due to all time low interest rates.
We recommend going long on US homebuilders ETFs and Short Canadian mortgage companies like Home Capital.
Chart foriShares Dow Jones US Home Construction (ITB)


Chart forHome Capital Group (HCG.TO)

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