Monday, 22 October 2012

Weekly Review 10.22.2012

All eyes were on the Second Presidential Debate.
Both Romney and Obama delivered strong punches tackling issues such as unemployment, oil and energy.  All said and done, Mitt Romney is in the lead in the gallop polls 52% to 45%.

Central Bankers and Government officials met up in Tokyo for the annual IMF conference.  ( The IMF lowered its GDP outlook on the global world economy.  The major theme talked about was fiscal unity among political leaders hinting towards the EU leaders.

Also, Bernanke addressed critics abroad saying stronger growth in the United States bolsters global prospects as well, countering the likes of Brazil's Finance Minister Guido Mantega who has labeled the Fed's latest stimulus effort "selfish".
Critics say the Fed's unorthodox policies weaken the U.S. dollar and boost the currencies of developing countries, hurting their ability to export.

Canada has blocked Malaysian state oil firm Petronas’ C$5.17 billion bid for gas producer Progress Energy Resources in a surprise move that could signal problems for a much larger Chinese deal in the country’s energy sector.
Canada’s announcement late on Friday, minutes before a deadline, was a blow to Petronas whose domestic oil supplies are shrinking and which has been seeking to boost its resources beyond Malaysia and volatile areas such as Sudan.
It also raises doubts over Chinese oil group CNOOC’s C$15.1 billion offer for oil producer Nexen and could weigh on other Canadian firms hoping for foreign investment to tap their vast energy reserves.
Any rejection of the CNOOC bid would likely damage trade ties Canada has been trying to build with China, underlining political sensitivity to Chinese corporate expansion in North America.

Google's earnings were released ahead of schedule.  The stock plummeted -$3.12.  Why? according to experts mobile has been a mixed blessing. Smartphones and tablets are bringing in new users — and the advertisers that follow them — but it makes less money on mobile ads than on desktop ads.

For a  list of companies who released earnings this week click here.

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